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Illinois Solar Panel Installation

Most home and business owners are interested in saving money related to their monthly expenses. In some cases, you may need to investment time, money, or both to see additional returns on your savings. When you live in Illinois, you should know that you do have options for installing solar panels on your residential or commercial property. Not only can this help reduce monthly costs, you can also contribute by harnessing the nearly endless amount of energy the sun provides each and every year.

If you are interested in the multitude of benefits that come from installing solar panels in Illinois, you should know that you have the ability to start saving money right away. Depending on the size of the system you are looking to install, you could end up seeing a savings of around 50% of your average monthly utility bill. In fact, some customers can actually entirely eliminate their utility bill for good!

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Benefits Of Using Solar Energy In Illinois

Another incredible benefit that homeowners enjoy when investing in a solar energy system at home is an increased home value. There have been a number of studies done that prove that the addition of solar panels to a home will drastically increase the resale value of the home. For example, if you install a 5kW system, you could end up adding around $10,000 to the value of your home. Also, a home that has a solar panel system will end up selling approximately 15% faster than a home without.

Another major reason why a lot of people like to look to the investment in solar is their ability to protect the Earth while cutting back on their carbon footprint. An average household in the United States will generate over seven tons of carbon dioxide each year due to electrical use. This is a major contributor to global warming, which is a hot button issue in the world today. When you install solar in your home, you are actually helping the environment. Additionally, you can also save thousands of gallons of water each year by using solar in your home, which cuts down on the need for non-renewable and foreign energy sources.

Tax Credits For Solar Energy In Illinois

While many home and business owners quickly understand the monthly savings from having a solar panel system installed, some forget about the wonderful tax credits available. In fact, the tax credits alone can often make the entire installation process more than worth your time and money.

Federal Tax Credits

Because of the large interest in renewable energy, the government is offering a 30% federal tax credit for solar system installations. Contact us for more details.

Illinois State Tax Credits

Many people forget just how much sunlight Illinois gets. The Illinois tax credit for a solar installation is up to $10,000. Contact us for more details.