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We Are A Licensed Installation Company For Solar Panels In Chicago

We take pride in knowing we are a certified roofing company and provide solar panels and installation services for residential and commercial properties in Chicago, Illinois. As a licensed roofing company as well, we have the expertise to help with all of your solar installation needs.

Regarding solar panels, you have a handful of options. You want to make sure you’re getting the right kind so you can properly harness the most energy while also utilizing the least amount of space (when possible).

Whether you are looking for a solar Chicago solution in the city or in a surrounding suburb, we can help. We service clients throughout northeast Illinois and beyond.

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Our Process For Residential Chicago Solar Installations

Our process starts with a detailed analysis of your situation. Typically done by phone, we like to learn about your home or business (wherever you are planning to have solar panels installed).

After we have the necessary information, and after providing our insight and recommendations to you based on your needs, budget, and long-term goals, we can begin the process of making a solar panel system a reality for you.

When installed properly, a solar energy system has been proven to increase the value of a home by at least $15,000 in terms of resale value. Not only are you saving money each month on your utility bill, but you are also increasing the value of your home or business when (and if) you decide to sell it.

While some people wish to install their solar panels themselves, this can be dangerous, risky, and extremely costly. Since the average installation requires as many as 30 holes being put into your roof, it should be done by a licensed professional who understand exactly where those holes should go to prevent leaks, structural damage, and to make sure the solar panel system is secured properly.

Call us with the location of the building you want to add solar to and let’s discuss the best solution for you.